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Chuck Bartowski
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Chuck Bartowski [userpic]

This semester would be the first time in... ever, Chuck had actually had a dorm room to himself. In three years here. Part of him theorised that this was going to be awesome because no more sleeping on couches (there had been a few of those occasions over the years). The other part, was feeling like it was way too empty for his liking and he was now rearranging and putting up posters and trying and make it feel 'full'.

Which was dumb, because he'd just spent the entire summer at home with Ellie, where he had his own room and was perfectly fine with that.

He never claimed to be completely rational, did he?

[[ door and post are open, should anyone want to drop in. ]]

Chuck Bartowski [userpic]

Chuck had been getting really, really good at avoiding people this week. It wasn't so much that he didn't want to be around people -- because no, he really, really did. It was more that it didn't seem at all wise.  The whole... everything, made him all extra awkward (yes, that was possible) because of the nature of it alone. He chose to avoid a lot of the flail that someone propositioning him had caused in the past.

So on a day when he didn't need to leave his room again, he was not going to. Unless Bruce needed it again, for reasons Chuck was not going to delve into. That train of thought led nowhere helpful or comfortable.

Comics. Comics were good, comics were distracting, comics were... Uh, full of Bitterwoman?

This may not work out.

[[ door and post are open ]]

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Chuck Bartowski [userpic]

Chuck had found himself back in the middle of the grounds last night, completely disorientated, but otherwise unharmed. The cloying darkness was gone, the auditors were gone, and the time of day was... completely different. He'd managed in some haze to get himself back to the dorms and to bed, but that was about the extent of his mental capacity.

He hadn't slept much, but he'd tried, and he'd at only been awake enough to function when it came to breakfast thanks to large amounts of caffeine and a certain nagging worry that kept twitching his brain back to life. Then he'd found his phone, and suddenly he was feeling much, much better. Everything was back as it should be.

You wouldn't be able to bring him down for anything.

[[ can be open, with SP warning due to late! ]]

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Chuck Bartowski [userpic]

Chuck had pushed through the last week or so on pure optimism. Just because he hadn’t heard much from Ellie lately, didn’t mean anything to worry about. Did it? His freaking out had remained internal. Schrodinger did theorize that a lack of evidence didn’t mean anything much. Fact requires observation. It said, everything was fine unless proven otherwise.

The problem with all this theory, was when the evidence really came along and left him feeling cold. That... that was a goodbye, if ever he heard one.

His voice when it came out was probably too small for a person on the other end to have heard, even if there had been one, courtesy of a building tightness in his chest.

“... Ellie?”

All he got was a dial tone.

[[door is cracked and he can be interrupted, but uh, not a happy boy. woe.]]

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Chuck Bartowski [userpic]

Following Nuance’s lead here.

(I’m always one step behind, omg)

Two hours time and I’m heading to London, then as of tomorrow in the disgustingly early morning, to Malaysia and Thailand with a few friends! The usual ‘any house of my Dad’s is a house with internet’ applies, but chances are I’ll be lazing on a beach reading, or swinging through the Koh Samuian jungles or something, idk. Anyway. Wacky availability ahoy because I’ll be on a ridic long flight, then working on ICT (which is about GMT+7... I believe) from tomorrow right up until the 13th of November.

My kiddies will be around, but likely quiet, basically because I am too lazy to transform them into things. Expect gleeful Twitter spam if you follow me. I am exciiited.

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Chuck Bartowski [userpic]

Wow, for the first time in... ages, I had to make a few changes. EXCITING.

Besides. GIF's seem to be the way to go this year. So.

Chuck Bartowski (knowsnokungfu) Future nerd of Buymoria!Collapse )

Elizabeth Stonem (pastmewrong) The (somewhat reformed) enigmatic bad girl.Collapse )

Angela Montenegro: flashesforinfo The Good Time Girl.Collapse )

And me.Collapse )

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Chuck Bartowski [userpic]

The last week or so, couldn't be called Chuck's worst week ever. Far from it -- that was reserved for underwater mutant city of doom -- but it wasn't high up with the best either. Watching everyone's happy and together family time on the weekend hadn't really helped with that ranking.

Ellie was back in Encino, and for all they'd said they'd talk all the time and pay visits and everything, it wasn't quite the same. She was the only family he'd been able to rely on for a long time, and without her here he was feeling even more alone than he had when she'd first left him to come here.

The weekend there'd been all sorts going on to distract him. Yesterday there'd been classes. Today... nothing. Generally, the adventures of Bitterwoman could take his mind off most things, but not this and not today.

The door was open, and Chuck was... less than engrossed in the comic on his lap.

[[Open door, open post with the warning he may not be as chipper as usual.]]]]

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Chuck Bartowski [userpic]

Chuck hadn't really felt warm since he got out of bed th-- No, actually, he hadn't even felt warm then. Class was a good distraction, and lunch, but after that there was only so much he had to keep him entertained that didn't require power of some kind.

That plus the whole completely freezing thing had helped lead to his decision to get an early night. Of course, 'early night' in this case just meant he was huddled in his blankets reading a Bitterwoman comic with a kinetic-power torch. He wasn't actually sleeping.

Next time maybe he'd remember to take this to a common room with a warm fire and not freeze his butt off on his own. He needed to learn some way.

[[Cracked door and an open post!]]

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Chuck Bartowski [userpic]

Chuck... was not entirely comfortable with this waking up as a girl thing. Even after eight hours living with it.

It was going to wear off, right? He wasn't the most masculine guy ever, but he did actually like being male, and being able to wear his own clothes properly rather than the misfitted look he was pulling off at the moment. Which would be why he was trying to find some way to make it so his pants didn't feel like they were going to fall down every few minutes.

If only he actually wore belts. That would be really useful right now, and work a lot better than safety pins and rubber bands.

[[Open door, open post.]]

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Chuck Bartowski [userpic]

Today had been immeasurably better than yesterday. Than the whole weekend, really. He hadn't slept all that much, but he also wasn't falling over with exhaustion and the walls of his room were cheerfully blood-mural free.

Chuck wandered back there after class with an armful of fishbowl that got placed in the middle of his desk.

He was actually incredibly thankful for this little class project. Keeping something alive, something cute enough to at least partially take his mind off mutants lurking around every corner... Might just help. Sure the whole 'look after a fake kid' thing could be seen as a bit girly, but-- Chuck didn't much care.

He was naming it Goomba.

"You should know, if you go evil I'm taking away your colored sand," he told it. Considering it's namesake, you had to be a little careful.

[[Door and post are open, should anyone be passing by.]]

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